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Web Hosting

Web Hosting

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We have over 15 years of experience with web hosting, including first hand experience as a customer of many of the larger web hosting companies. Over the years we have learned that web hosting problems are inevitable at large web hosts with thousands of customers where you are merely an account number.

This has led us to develop our own web hosting platform, where we pay close attention to performance and reliability for each and every customer. We know you by name, we know your business and what your website does, and we ensure your needs are met on an individual basis.

Isn't Problue too small to be providing a web hosting service?

Certainly too small to provide and manage all of the hardware, that's why the servers powering our web hosting platform are provided by Hetzner - a company who are industry renowned for efficiency and reliability, a company who we have worked with since 2013 with consistent high levels of reliability and performance.

  • The datacentre, hardware, network connections, security and core server software stack are managed by Hetzner on a 24/7 basis with proactive service monitoring and automatic software updates.
  • Account maintenance, server configuration, databases, website & software installations, email etc. are managed by Problue Solutions during regular office hours.

We provide you with full login access to your hosting account, where you can access and download all of the data associated with your website at any time without requiring any assistance from us. You own your data and you are in full control of what happens with it.

Our partnership with Hetzner provides a unique web hosting service, combining the security and peace of mind from an industry leader in web hosting with the individually tailored expertise and customer service from Problue Solutions.

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